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Hand Embrace

Loved working with Deborah, very inspiring and helpful. She takes tools she has worked with on her own transformational journey to help you grow and transform at your own pace.

Debbie C.

My sessions with Deb have been amazing, calming healing and uplifting. Her feedback after the sessions has been wonderful. Cannot recommend her highly enough.


The day overall for me was overwhelmingly beautiful. I felt extremely close to spirit and felt a oneness with the other members of the group which allowed us to journey together but separately at the same time.  It was a sacred safe space, Very freeing!

You have definitely found your niche! Your ability to create such a loving energy and to make everyone feel so welcome, safe and loved that we all felt so comfortable to share our personal journeys is a gift. Thank you!


I loved the (retreat) day. I didn't know what to expect and went with an open heart and mind. I liked the way you intuitively structured the day and changed to fit the needs of the group. I thought you were a mindful and natural facilitator and everyone left getting what they needed from their time together as a group. 

The environment was great and really conducive to the atmosphere of the day. The snacks were amazing and I wish I'd had more!


I arrived a sceptic and left feeling that I had found what I'd been looking for all my life without really knowing it. 


A wonderful (retreat) day spent with yourself and others that illuminated beautiful pure energy! Blessings to you!


Thank you for holding such a lovely space today! Much love!


Just to say a huge thank you Deb. Yesterday was honsestly some of the best training I've ever been on..I'm still reeling from it. And you, my goodness how skilled are you ? It felt as though you tailor made all of it for me, at times tapping in so deeply.


I am really feeling such a huge benefit from our sessions. The last session was the most intense, I cant really explain it other than to say it was intense and wonderful! Thank you SO much for your support Deb youve really made such a huge difference to the way I'm feeling mentally, emotionally & physically.


Thank you for a totally gorgeous (Reiki 1). day yesterday. I really enjoyed myself and learnt lots of new things. Hope to see you again soon in the near future!


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