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Pre-session guidelines & further information

Your wholehearted commitment

The sessions I provide are intended to support you fully in the way you personally need on an emotional mental physical and spiritual level, and will be unique to you.

They are simultaneously intended to help you connect more deeply to your heart and soul, so that you can experience a closer connection to your own intuition and inner wisdom and so that you are ultimately able to start on the path to experience a happier heart and life if you choose to. 

The way I work is intended to provide support and guidance in a purely loving positive and uplifting way however at times healing and change requires you

to be ready to do the necessary work of self-discovery and be prepared to release old emotional spiritual mental wounds beliefs and values that are no longer serving or benefiting you, or perhaps never were. We may also visit inner child or shadow work where required in your sessions. It is important to commence these sessions with an open mind and heart in order to get the most value from them (although it is highly likely shifts will still happen if you find it hard to do this at first as many people often do). 

Before you sign up for a session plan with me we will have a call which if you wish to proceed will include tips and tools on how to prepare for the sessions, as you will also need to make sure the timing is right for you in your life to be able to allow integration time after each session.

Sometimes the work can require deep inner consciousness work, inner reflection and journeying and it can be uncomfortable at first if you are not accustomed to it, especially whilst you are processing these wounds or beliefs. It can also often take time to integrate any shifts in healing that you may well have whilst we are working together, and therefore there is an expectation for you to choose to be ready to face these as you are gently and safely guided by me, and to understand that it will require a willingness and intention from you to be ready for positive change.

All sessions are designed to help you improve and generally feel better and happier in your mind body and soul but will ultimately be determined by the intentions you set with me at the beginning of the support plan.

All sessions are delivered online on zoom or via phone as agreed with each individual. 

I would love to hear from you if you have any further questions or would like to discuss what support you need. 

The unique potent and uplifting energy sessions and support that I offer are unique and carefully crafted to what you need. Sessions are adapted and provided on the basis of the intuitive guidance I provide in my role as an experienced practitioner and guide. 

These sessions can help you if you're ready for change and are:

~ fed up of not feeling good about yourself and needing some help with your self esteem to feel great again in your mind body and soul 

~ready to kick off the layers of life and find the true you 

~ in need of some support to heal on an emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual level and know that you want something different to the traditional therapy routes

~ feeling stuck or lost and in need of clarity for the next step 

~needing to find the magic in life again and connect to more joy and fun

~ experiencing dis-ease or physical health challenges that you want to heal from 

~ experiencing sudden fear, confusion, and frustration as result of a past trauma, relationship, or childhood issue

~ feeling the call to break out of the life you're in and experience life differently 

~ going through a challenging period of your life and needing some extra practical and spiritual support and guidance to uplift you 

~ ready to listen to the call of your heart 

~ searching for a deeper meaning and connection to life or your own self.

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