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About me


I freaking love my work! I LOVE supporting you to heal, become whole, find your true self or a deeper meaning in life, and experience more happiness as a result. It's my calling and my purpose, and to bring more love into the world as a result of living this. 

I'm an experienced energy therapist, spiritual and soul empowerment coach and mentor and I've been on this journey for over 30 years.  


During that time I've trained as an energy medicine therapist, NLP coach, Reiki Master teacher, a Soul-self empowerment coach, mindfulness & meditation teacher, 

Pilates & fitness instructor, amongst other things!

My passion is to help you discover whats holding you back from living as your true self - and helping you identify and remove any obstacles that are preventing you from living a life of passion purpose and a true heart happiness.


(Oh and to ideally find more love for yourself in the process!)

I work intuitively, which means when we work together I'm able to help identify core soul energy issues that are impacting you. 


I work with a combination of practical, intuitive and spiritual tools and techniques to support you and that are highly proven and effective at creating change in your life.

I can support you with a physical healing challenge, or it could be for something that you're facing that's emotional, mental, or spiritual (or even all four). 

I've always believed that when we're ready to move forward or receive help, that the right person appears - and thats why I know that if you've found your way here and if this is resonating with you now it isn't a coincidence.

I'm able to help you read your soul and current energy, and also help you  understand more the current issues you may be facing from a differrent perspective which gives you freedom to overcome them, from a deeper and more permanent soul purpose level.

I support you to make the practical, physical and spiritual changes that you may need to achieve the freedom you're looking for. 


So that you can experience the peace of mind and happiness (true heart happiness) that you desire, and that you deserve.

My methodologies include self-improvement techniques, positive psychology, spiritual ethos and tools, ancient and natural healing techniques, and are also based on my knowledge and experience of quantum energy healing and holistic support on a mind body and soul level. 

I have my own meditation practice and I believe to feel truly whole we need to focus equally on the mind body AND soul.

(Plus I love movement and dancing and moving your body feels sooooo good for the soul!) 

During the past30 years I've loved continuing to follow my passion in one way or another through studying, applying and seeking to understand soul energy, soul level self-development, self-empowerment, positive psychology, mind-energy, intuitive development and coaching and healing modalities and the connection with the mind body and soul.

For a while my career took a detour and led me to a semi-successful career in the world of business transformation, project management and leadership but really my true passion and heart remained in all things transformative and self-healing and expansive on a metaphysical , mystical, and energetic vibrational level so after listening to my intuition it was inevitable I guess that I'd returned to the career that I really love and believe I'm good at. 

Yes I can be counted as part of the love and light tribe as I'm passionate about life and love (for ourselves and this world)! 

But I believe that what I have to offer through my work has a much deeper resonance at a soul level rather than what you can perhaps simply see on the surface.


I'm passionate about bridging the divide between the 3D world and our soulful and spiritual selves so that we can ultimately live an empowered life that we love. (And did I mention to love ourselves and life more too:-)), oh and have more fun as well!

Life is supposed to be fun!

I believe in connecting to the everyday magic in life, to nature, to the simple pleasures in the world around us and to the realisation that we are all connected!


We don't all need to be into tree hugging or all things mystical or spiritual in order to connect more deeply to who we really are, to our souls. (Although I have been known to love a good hug with a tree and I definitely believe connecting to nature makes us happier!)

My focus now is sharing what I know works.

And using my gifts to help you.

My work has led me to believe that we all have an immense power of inner wisdom inside of us.


Depending on our life experiences so far this will have determined how aware and in tune each of us are with this power and how we've applied it to our lives (and how we view ourselves - in a negative or positive way!).

Read on below if you want to know a little bit more about my story...or if you've read enough, skip to the bottom of this page where you can jump to explore what I offer, OR you can go ahead and book your free re-ignite session  with me.


I'm a mum to one lively teenager, and also an even livelier dog!  I currently live in a beautiful part of the UK by the sea in  Devon.


I LOVE living by the sea, and swimming in it and kayaking in it, no matter how cold it is!

I moved here after leaving a 12 year marriage in late 2019 - following my intuition that this was the best place for me to call home and feeling strongly that it was somewhere great to have my son grow up in.

I pretty much knew no-one in Devon, and I was moving over 200 miles away from friends and family. Plus I knew pretty much zero about the area. All I did know was that I'd visited the previous year attending a workshop, and had the strongest gut feeling ever that this was the next place for us to call home! (Plus as a Pisces I'd felt the call from the sea!). 

I've always been someone who has lived from their heart and who has sought to understand myself and life on a deeper level. But I've often been described as too much, too emotional usually too sensitive. In my younger years I took this to heart as a deep criticism and amongst other not so positive life experiences it resulted in a wounded self-esteem and a self-confidence which was pretty much non-existent.

Little did I know that the things I was often criticised or shamed for most of my life were actually my super powers! (I believe we ALL have super powers - and its generally what we've been criticised for during our formative years!) 

I now use my ultra heightened sensitivity and emotional radar system to help read and understand energy issues and soul desires in people, and I couldn't be happier!

I also discovered (and it took me until my 40s to find this out!) that self-love, and self-actualisation and REALLY knowing yourself is the key to a happy life. My self esteem, as I mentioned, was pretty low most of my life and I made disastrous decisions as a result of the low worth I assigned myself. It took me a LONG time and a lot of self discovery and reflection work to get over the grief of abandoning myself for so long! 

I suppose its partly why I love to help others now to really get to know themselves and love themselves! At a faster rate than I managed to as well, and with me as a guide and cheerleader so you don't have to do it alone!

Like many of us I've had some high points in life but I've also experienced my share of challenges, losses, disappointments, failures and rejection since childhood. Throughout this I learnt how to transform and alchemise deep deep pain into fuel, to propel me towards excavating my real self, and help me towards my dreams. (I love to guide others to do the same now in my work!)

 I know now that living from the heart is VITAL. AND I now firmly believe that to live a really happy life and one that's true to us we have to focus on not just our mind and body but also our soul, and really know and trust ourselves. AND love ourselves for who we are. It may sound cheesy but I'm serious when I say (and I dont get serious too often:-) that it is crucial to a happy life to be able to do this, to fully and wholeheartedly love yourself, it changes EVERY.THING!

Personally, I'm a lover of stargazing, fire pits, being true to yourself, courage, unlimited new beginnings and fresh starts! I take notice and appreciate the little things in life. I'm always looking for naturally occurring magic in life! I love fairy lights, obsessed with them! I love being outdoors, in all the elements! I believe in helping yourself, doing the work to understand yourself, doing what it takes to raise your self-belief and backing yourself no matter what. I love sharing practical and spiritual tools, love all things mystical and metaphysical but I'm also a huge sci-fi geek! I don't believe in complicating life, I laugh a lot, I also cry whenever I need to. I try and go with the flow all the time (except when I forget to!) I am fierce yet have a huge compassionate loving and forgiving heart! 

I love simple easy meditation, releasing bad vibes, past trauma & blocks, and taking control and responsibility for our own energy. I believe we are all here for some service, to help others, nature the world. I LOVE kitchen dancing! I find it difficult to listen to music with spontaneously moving!  

I forever can be found talking about (life force) energy vibrations & healing, the magic of the universe, nature, expansion, connecting the mind, body and soul, shining, loving yourself, compassion, fun & laughter, trusting, and living from the heart. I believe in forgiveness, especially forgiving yourself. I love (REAL) coffee far more than I should. And I believe you should never never ever freaking give up!


Oh and I've chosen to live from a place of love in this life - because to me the only other choice is fear - and I refuse to live in fear. So love is where I live! I am definitely not perfect, who is, I dont think thats the goal - but I do my best to unconditionally love life and people on a daily basis and live from my heart - because when you live from your heart and make heart based decisions, how can you not be happy ?

I'd love to hear from you if you're curious to know how I can support you where you're at, to get to where you want to in for a free re-ignite session with me and you'll have your answer whether working with me is right for you (link is below)!

Podium with Hearts and Balls

With love, Deborah

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