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Learn simple seated OR dance flow meditation ® 
Simple peaceful connected - find your mojo!

Group or single sessions available - message me for more information

Did you know that Dance & Meditation are both amazing tools not just for your mentalhealth but also for connecting more deeply to your intuition, your inner wisdom and your very own inner magic ? 

I teach both simple seated still meditation, and, or dance meditation - they can be combined or learnt individually, its entirely up to your preference.

The simple seated still meditation is easy to learn and implement into your daily life, its non-secular and just a powerful straightforward way to relax and connect. 

In dance mediaton it’s all about surrendering and finding and following your own rhythm, freedom and the magic in the spontaneity of life again - on the dance floor but in your life too!

Sometimes sitting still in meditation just doesn’t feel right, sometimes your body wants to move and it’s important to listen and have an alternative go-to that supports you.

Dance flow meditation is for everyone, men and women (and children) and it's especially good for:

  • finding a place of peace balance and relief 

  • releasing pent-up stress 

  • increasing Confidence

  • connecting to your heart centre 

  • getting grounded and finding a sense of calm 

  • upLifting your mood

  • as well as burning those calories and having fun! 

The session will be tailored to what works for you. For starters, I promise you it will be fun! We’ll do some easy stretching, then a brief introduction to some breathwork, then we’ll move on to some dance flow and fun, and  I’ll end by showing you the meditation routine that I follow most mornings too, along with the tips and tools that have helped me keep and benefit from a meditation practice.

Want to experience a dance flow meditation ? Then let’s get the party started! Book a trial session with me and I’ll see you on our own dance floor! 

Ps - you don’t need to be a good dancer for this its fine if you lack co-ordination! And and you don’t need to be an extrovert or even be feeling very confident, you don’t even have to follow a routine, I’ll gently show you how to find and drop into your own natural rhythm.

Message me with any questions or to book your 1:1 session online with me on zoom! 

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